A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

It’s time for Recess! Navigate a virtual playground with other users and collect as many stars as you can in two minutes. If there’s a enough time before the bell rings, why not partake in some throwback recess activities like swooshing down the slide, swinging on the swing set, soaring off the see saw or even dodgeball. And if you're feeling adventurous, sneak out of the schoolyard and play in the secret Pirate Ship and Castle! It’s recess. Have fun! Made by Vital for GitHub Game Off 2017


Move with WASD or Arrow Keys
Mouse to rotate camera
Scroll wheel to adjust camera zoom
Left click to pick up objects
Right click to throw objects
Left Shift to Run
Space Bar to Jump

A DualShock 4 will also work. Didn't test any other gamepads, but I'm sure they're fine.


Director: Matthew Chase
Programming, Level Design: Dan Mensinger
3D Models: Josh Duffy 
3D Models: Devin Swett
Artwork: Jesse Rand
SFX/3D Models: Max Avedisian

Music by The Lonely Ghosts
Soundtrack available on SoundCloud

Install instructions

Just download it and double-click on it! 

OS X doesn't recognize us, so to launch you'll need to right-click on the app and select Open from the contextual menu. That will display a warning that we're not an official Apple Developer, but go ahead and launch it anyway.


Recess.app.zip 35 MB
Recess.Windows.zip 31 MB
Recess.Linux.zip 37 MB